Poland allures tourists with charming natural and architectural delights

Published on : Thursday, June 13, 2019

Magical, charming, breathtaking and a goldmine of history and heritage; think of Poland, and one will immediately think of regal medieval castles, fascinating Renaissance architecture, towering mountains carpeted with lush forests, colourful old market towns and deep-rooted history.


Though it may not be on everybody’s bucket list, Poland makes for quite the perfect destination for a family vacation. So check out all the amazing things one can do when in Poland.




While Warsaw has quite a checkered history, it still makes a place for an amazing family vacation. Starting with the Copernicus Science Centre and the Zoological Gardens, these two destinations could be an amazing learning experience for children. Following this, one can take a stroll around the Old Town and explore the iconic landmarks of the city, from the Royal Castle to the Cathedral and the Mermaid Statue, followed by a walk along Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat streets, packed with colourful shops and charming cafes. Next, is the tallest building in Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science, and admire a fantastic panorama of the city, ending with a visit to museums like the National Museum with its impressive Faras Gallery or the Warsaw Rising Museum, a rare chance for little ones to understand the identity of the city.




A city founded on legends and fairytales, Kraków mix of old-world charm, eccentric sights, a hobbity aura and Grand architectural wonders. Here people can roam around the huge, 13th century square and the ancient churches, explore the Wawel Royal Castle, a sight that has looked right at home in Narnia, go crazy with the underground eateries and innumerable chocolate shops (with bunnies the size of spaniels), and a footbridge to which lovers have attached thousands of padlocks. One can also explore the unique Wieliczka deep salt mine, a world of pits and chambers, where everything is hand-carved from salt blocks, Schindler’s Factory, an interactive museum showcasing the German occupation of Kraków and the Rynek Underground, an underground route through medieval market stalls and other long-forgotten chambers.




Situated on the banks of the Odra river, Wroclaw is a charming little city, and an excellent history lesson, with more than a hundred bridges, ancient architecture, numerous Renaissance mansions flanked by gas streetlamps that are still lit by hand each night and, the biggest draw for kids, a secret population of tiny dwarf statues.


Little ones can have the best time by going, dwarf hunting with a handy map, or visiting the beautiful Botanical Gardens. One can also explore the Wroclaw Zoo, the oldest and largest in Poland, dig for gold at the Zloty Stok, a 1000-year-old gold and arsenic mine with its own treasury, the charming, medieval market square and the numerous museums, including the Military The museum, the Museum of Architecture and the Museum of Bourgeois Art.




A thriving cultural and academic town, Lublin is the perfect destination for a family vacation! While this charming little town is not very high on most traveller’s lists, it’s a priceless treasure trove of local lore, history and heritage, ensuring an amazing experience for the little ones.


The majestic Lublin Castle and the vibrant Old Town, let kids roam free through the Fortuna Cellar that’s a mine of historical exhibits, explore the unique open-air Village Museum and end the day with a delicious dinner at any of the numerous restaurants that Lublin‘s famous for.


Jay Kantawala, Founder, WIYO Travel  said, “Exploring a thousand years of twists and turns, histories and stories and culinary adventures, means that a trip to Poland could definitely be a unique and fulfilling experience,” says Viren Batra, co-founder of Nirvana Travel. “And while it’s not any other typical family destination, it definitely warrants a place on the family’s bucket list, only for the myriad lives, experiences and sights one get to live there.”

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